nteract and create with data, words, and visuals.

Fire up this desktop application and develop engaging documents with prose, executable code in a favorite language, pictures, and more.

If you are a data scientist, researcher, journalist, educator, student, or developer, use nteract to write code-driven, interactive stories.

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Interactivity Where You Need It Most

nteract is a desktop-based computing environment, which means that the application can take advantage of all the goodies that your operating system provides, like file search and click to open. nteract and the desktop belong together.


Composability for All

nteract is built on top of a rich ecosystem of packages that allow developers to write software built on top of the notebook document format and the code execution protocol. You can visit our GitHub organization to find out which packages you can start to develop with.


Open to All

nteract is completely open-source and licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. We love getting pull requests and issues from our users, if you're interested in opening one check out our contributor documentation.