About nteract

We're people, not software!


Create fantastic interactive computing experiences that allow people to collaborate with ease.

Emphasize simplicity and composability as core design principles to provide users ideal building blocks for their unique data applications.

Value our contributors and users and cooperate to produce solutions that delight others.


Ash Wilson
Paul Ivanov
James Koch
Matthias Bussonnier
Elijah Meeks
Jay Phelps
Kyle Kelley
Andrew Osheroff
Matthew Conlen
Vincent Barnabé-Lortie
Sebastián Ramírez
Tim Head
Safia Abdalla
Matthew Seal
Phil Plückthun
Steven Silvester
M Pacer
Carol Willing
Zachary Sailer
Ionică Bizău (Johnny B.)
Shelby Sturgis
Robin Bartholdson
Joshua Kornblum
Daniel Chen
Lindsey Heagy
Michelle Ufford
Daniel Bayley
Trevor Lyon
Cameron Yick
Qiao Zhang
R S Nikhil Krishna
Ben Russert
John Detlefs
Thomas Osmonson
Alaina Kafkes
Lukas Geiger
Kyle Barron
Kris Kelley
Aaron Raff
Peggy Rayzis
Peter Fackeldey
Sarah Bullock