Enhancing notebook workflows from end-to-end

The nteract core SDK and application suite provide an interface for building and interacting with notebook UIs. But there's so much more to notebooks! Our collection of libraries allows you to execute notebooks headlessly, generate reports from notebooks for members of your organization, and more.


Parameterizing and executing Jupyter Notebooks is made simple in a CLI and Python client with papermill. It executes your notebooks as inputs and saves the results to Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and more allowing for easy scheduled and programatic executions of notebook templates.


Scrapbook is a Python library which adds the ability to save data and image results from inside your notebook. This enables the ability to later fetch all of the resulting 'scraps' across collections of notebook executions in a programatic fashion.


Ever need to find out what your notebook looked like 5 days ago? Bookstore provides a server extension for Jupyter to enable saving notebook versions over time as checkpoints are made during authoring. It also grants the ability to publish specific notebook versions as a mechanism for sharing stable notebook versions with colleagues.