Bringing the power of notebooks to every application

The nteract core SDK is a set of React components and JavaScript packages that allow you to build your own interactive notebook applications. The nteract team uses the core SDK to build nteract's suite of applications. The same SDK is available for you to build your own interactive notebook apps.

Get started with the core SDK

To get started building nteract-based apps with our SDK, please visit our documentation.

Composable and intuitive

The nteract core SDK provides a set of components and packages that you can use to build your own notebook UI. These components and packages are composable, so you can swap them out with your implementations when needed or wrap them with your own functionality. Enjoy the freedom and think outside the box!

Built on dependable technologies

The nteract core SDK is built on top of popular and dependable technologies like React, Redux, and RxJS. In addition to the functionality provided by the nteract core SDK, you can leverage the resources and extensions of these technologies in your nteract-based applications.

Data Explorer

A GUI-driven way to visualize your dataframes (and dataframe-like data) using a variety of charting methods that can also be deployed as a stand-alone module. See the documentation here.


A React-based data visualization library with rich annotations, network visualization, summary charts, interactivity and more.Check out the interactive documentation. (It also has bar charts and lines charts)