nteract: building the future of interactive computing.

nteract is an open-source organization committed to creating fantastic interactive computing experiences that allow people to collaborate with ease.

We build SDKs, applications, and libraries that help you and your team make the most of interactive notebooks and REPLs.

To dive into the nteract ecosystem, start by trying out our desktop application for interactive notebooks.

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Enhance your productivity with nteract's app suite

The nteract ecosystem provides a wide variety of notebook-based applications for your scenario. Whether you want to edit notebooks in a desktop app or in your favorite editor, nteract provides you the tools you need to leverage the full power of interactive notebooks and the Jupyter ecosystem.


Build your own interactive notebook apps

Interactive notebooks and REPLs are a powerful way for people to interact with machines. nteract provides a client-side SDK for integrating notebook and REPL UIs into your software. The same SDK used to build the nteract suite of applications is available to you!


Create end-to-end workflows with notebooks

There's more to notebooks than writing them! The nteract ecosystem provides a set of libraries for headlessly executing notebooks, managing your team's notebooks, using notebooks for reporting and more. Use these tools to build an end-to-end notebook experience for you and your team.